How can I find out what my balance is on my account?

You can find out the balance on your account by contacting an Account Representative at 817-773-1919

If my payment doesn’t clear the first time, will the transaction be submitted again?

No. Cedar Top does not submit an insufficient check for a second time. If the funds do not clear your banking account, please contact your Account Representative to make your payment by another method.
The following methods will be accepted for NSF/Closed Accounts: Money Order, Western Union Quick Collect (Western Union fee applies), Money Gram (Money Gram fee applies). A $30.00 insufficient fee will be charged for each unpaid item.
If in the course of your retail installment contract you have two (2) returned checks we will not accept any further payments by check.

How many days before I am assessed a late fee?

Please review your installment contract for an explanation of how late fees are assessed to your account. You may contact your account representative with any further questions at 817-773-1919.